Trendsetter: Innerwear as Outerwear

Innerwear as Outerwear (Image Source: Pinterest)

Though fashion trends come and go, as another fashion week season leaves us, it’s clear that there are some looks that we just can’t move past. Despite frigid temperatures across North America’s East Coast, the fashion elite still braved New York City’s snowy streets for NYFW’s latest offerings, it seemed that the long time trend of innerwear as outerwear was still a key feature at the front row of many a fashion show.

Since Madonna in the 1980s, underwear has been sneaking its way to the outside of many an outfit. And whilst the cone bra and girdles Madonna wore might not be suitable everyday wear for the contemporary woman, there are plenty of influences that recommend us ways to bring the once intimate apparel to the outside. The ladies of Sex and the City were pioneers of a more wearable approach to the look in the 1990s, Carrie Bradshaw being particularly unafraid to let her bra or bustier peek out from beneath her outfit and now, the look has become a mainstay in the fashion arena.

From subtle peeks at bras and corsets underneath flowy tops and blouses to slips being worn as dresses, there is no denying the power of the trend. Considering its longevity, with most fashion trends dying out within a matter of months or a year at most, it looks as though innerwear as outerwear is here to stay. But whilst you might think it’s all well and good for fashion icons and celebrities to don such a trendy garment, you might not know just how your innerwear can feature as outerwear in your everyday look.

It might not be for everyone, but if keeping up with fashion is something you enjoy, experimenting with your innerwear on the outside could make you a trendsetter. Lacy items, like the tips of bras or couture shapewear pieces, look great if they are peeking out from a low cut sleeve or differently cut dress. If you’re wearing something that is a little bit more sheer, something dark and lacy will add a sultry bit of texture to your look, and keep you in line with the fashion-forward bloggers and stylists who sit front row.

For those who are a little more daring, the perfect Friday night look for drinks and dinner with your best friends or a special someone could be a black or nude slip, teamed with a light coat to keep things from getting too intimate at the dinner table. If Kate Moss could pull it off, why can’t you?

It’s rare that we see a trend that become such a fixture in the fashion that we wear, and with a style as popular as innerwear as outerwear is, it’s best to jump on the look while you can, for a fun, flirty way to update your style.

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