Top Three Reasons for an Excuse to Get Dressed Up

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Are you feeling in need of a night out and to get dressed up? What about dinner with the girls after work on a Wednesday night? Or are you simply bored of wearing the same type of clothes every day? Here is a list of reasons for an excuse to get dolled up and feel glamourous.

  1. Going out for Dinner on A Work Night

If you hate dealing with the weekend crowds, why not make plans to go out for dinner during the week after work? Monday through to Wednesday is your best bet to avoid those huge crowds and busy restaurants. It’s also a good excuse for you to dress up and wear your best frock or heels. Dressing up when going out for dinner will allow you to enjoy yourself even more and feel more confident.

  1. Catching up with an Old Friend

If you’ve finally set a time and date to catch up with a friend you haven’t seen since you both finished high school, then this is a great excuse to dress up, especially if you have cleared your whole day. Who knows where the day will take you both. Your friend might suggest going for a couple of drinks at a flashy bar. If you’re wearing a pair of jeans, a casual top and minimal makeup, you may not feel very comfortable walking into a bar, especially one that requires a dress code. Don’t be afraid to wear your best clothes and show them off to your friend.

  1. Family Gatherings

You’re mum has just received a call from your aunty, the one that always judges what you’re wearing when you visit her or at family functions. This is the perfect opportunity to prove her wrong of her expectations of you by putting on a nice top, jacket and spending an extra ten minutes doing your hair and makeup. You’ll be sure to turn heads when you walk in to the room.


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