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If you purchase shape wear from this website, you agree to pay for the goods and all associated fees and charges.

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You may pay for your order using one or other of Visa, MasterCard or by SecurePay. SecurePay is a third party payment site which integrates to enable your payment to be processed via Vera Donna’s website. Visit the SecurePay website if you require more information

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Credit Card Fraud

Vera Donna through our payment provider’s employs the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, designed to protect your financial transactions. However Vera Donna will not be responsible for any damages, consequential losses (whether direct or indirect) suffered by a customer whose credit card is fraudulently used or is used in an unauthorised manner as a result of using this website.

Personal Information

Any personally identifiable information provided by the customer through this website will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy. By submitting such information the customer grants Vera Donna the right to provide only relevant information to third parties for the purposes of facilitating the completion of the purchase of goods and any other order fulfilment purpose. Verification of information may be required prior to the acknowledgment or completion of any purchase.