Finding the Right Shapewear for Your Outfit

Finding the Right Shapewear for Your Outfit, veradonnashapewear, vera donna, shapewear,

Everyone knows that good shapewear isn’t one size fits all. To get the best out of the garment you’re wearing, it has to both fit your body and the outfit that you’re wearing it under. Whether it’s a skin-tight dress, a jumpsuit, a pair of jeans, or something fun and flirty, there’s a different type and style of shapewear for every occasion. Because you might not be sure of the perfect style to fit your body and your outfit, we’ve done the hard work for you and worked out what you should be wearing to take your outfit to the next level.

A Night On The Town – Your Favourite Little Black Dress

Getting yourself dressed up for a fun night out is always one of the best parts, but if you don’t feel your best in your favourite LBD, it might be time to try out a slip under your dress. Proper slips will make your dress glide smoothly over your body whilst also working a double shift and smoothing out any areas you might not want revealed.

For something a bit edgier, try a form fitting jumpsuit. It’s a statement making outfit, and will really make you feel your best when worn with a bodysuit. Working to smooth out your body from your thighs to your bust, a bodysuit is your best bet for full coverage shapewear.

Weekend Lunch Break – Keeping It Casual

It might be fun to go all out for a night out, but when you’re just seeing your friends for lunch, most of us would much rather reach for jeans and a nice shirt – something that we can be comfortable in without compromising on style. If you find that you aren’t happy with how your bottom half looks, try and find a pair of shapewear that you can pull on like leggings. This will smooth things out and make your jeans sit a lot better on your figure.

Of course, if you aren’t happy with your upper body, try wearing something like Vera Donna’s camisole to sort your stomach out and make your blouse or t-shirt cling to a lot less.

Summer in the City – Flirty and Floaty

Keeping things col and casual in hot summer weather is always ideal, but sometimes, the light, loose summer dresses in stores aren’t always flattering to figures. Fabric often likes to cling to areas we’d rather avoid, and there’s always a risk of a skirt blowing up with a hot summer wind, or the upper half gaping in an unsightly way. To rectify this, we recommend trying a slip on underneath your dress.

Vera Donna slips are available in nude, white, and black, to suit every dress in your wardrobe. Not only will they stop your dresses sitting unattractively on any bumps or lumps you might not like, but having a slip will also add an extra dimension of mystique and appeal to your outfit. The sneak peek of your slip adds a whole new side to your summer look, and is both practical and pretty.

The world of shapewear might seem daunting at times, but figuring out what sort of garment suits your style doesn’t have to be hard.

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