How Shapewear can make you Feel Empowered

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Think that body shapewear is only designed to hide and tuck away your ‘imperfections’? Think again. There are endless options of shapewear all over the world; however, Vera Donna is the number one stop for woman of all shapes and sizes. It is known as Australia’s number one custom made couture shapewear brand, and is designed to specifically tailor to each individual woman and their body type.

You should not be fooled into thinking that it’s not necessary to own shapewear if you’re less than a size ten. The idea of Vera Donna shapewear is to emphasise your body and make you look and feel confident. Gone are the days when shapewear was only aimed at bustier and curvy woman, Vera Donna also caters for woman with small busts, small waists and small body shapes.

It’s unhealthy to stereotype and portray a certain ideology on woman’s shapewear. Nowadays, shapewear should be worn by all women to make them feel empowered, not to make them feel self-conscious of their bodies.

Vera Donna isn’t just focused on making you look and feel good; their goal is to be the best business in shapewear and focus on the technology behind their designs as well as the look of their product. The people who work for Vera Donna also have medical background, so they feel that it’s very important for them to create a product that not only gives woman their desired body shape but to make sure the product is also safe to wear and is risk free. The intention of Vera Donna’s shapewear is to produce and sell a product for everyday use and wear.

Vera Donna provides luxury and feminine shapewear with the idea that there is something to suit every woman. Their shapewear includes lace as well as strong quality material that are designed to last without any wear or tare. They are available in different styles, colours and designs, including black, nude, white and black with lace material. Vera Donna are constantly thinking of ways to create a product to allow women to keep warm in winter, cooler in summer all while making them feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

So if you’re thinking about investing in shapewear for your beautiful body, Vera Donna has got you completely covered.

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