Match That Outfit: How To Wear Our Collection (Part Two)

Match That Outfit: How To Wear Our Collection (Part Two)

We’re all about making sure that our pieces are versatile and can be worn in many different ways, but if you are struggling to find inspiration on how you should be matching your shapewear to your outfit or what best suits your style, then we have you covered. We’ve already done the hard yards and told you the best way to wear Cherry, Elizabeth, and Audrey, so now we’re ready to move onto something with a little bit more detail and embellishment.

Our Rosetta, Scarlette, and Evelyn garments all feature just a hint of lace to add some depth and character to them, which also means they are great to add some extra detail to your outfits.

Keep It Casual

If you feel your best when you get to wear your favourite pair of jeans, then trying to glam yourself up might feel like an unnatural choice. With our Scarlette piece, though, you don’t have to compromise on your relaxed style just to feel a little bit sexier. Team Scarlette with your favourite jeans and a button-down blouse with a few extra buttons undone just to let a little bit of lace be on display. The rounded neckline stops this garment from being too risqué and keeps it perfect for everyday wear.

Dress It Up

On a fun evening out, you are probably going to be looking to dress yourself up a little bit more. If a touch of added glamour is what you’re after, then you will want to be reaching for Rosetta. Perfect to peek out from under any nice blouse or low-cut dress, Rosetta is going to add an extra spark to whatever you choose to wear when you’re going for drinks on a Friday night. The hint of lace and plunging neckline will certainly add a level of sexiness that you might not have otherwise had in your usual outfit, and will keep you feeling confident and fun all night long.

Going All Out

For those ultra-formal events, you want to make sure everything is staying in place and that you don’t spend your evening fidgeting with ill-fitting garments and uncomfortable layers. And, if subtle is your style, then you might want to add an extra element to your outfit, which is perfect for Evelyn. Featuring our elegant Queen Anne neckline, Evelyn’s touches of lace won’t come off as too sexy or inappropriate, but will instead come across as a refined bonus to your outfit.

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