Match That Outfit: How To Wear Our Collection (Part Three)

Match That Outfit: How To Wear Our Collection (Part Three)

As we come to the final part of our Match That Outfit series, we thought it was time to style three of the most exciting and dramatic pieces in our first collection. Cherry, Elizabeth, and Audrey might be perfect if you want something simple and slinky and Rosetta, Scarlette, and Evelyn can add an extra bit of oomph to an outfit, but Penelope, Zelda, and Charlotte are out to totally attract attention, and in some cases become the focal point of your outfit itself.

To find out how to wear the most elaborate pieces in our collection for every occasion from everyday to black tie, then keep reading and get your wardrobe ready.

Keep It Casual

For low-key weekend wear that is a step above your casual jeans and t-shirt or button down shirt, try adding one of our lacy layers for some extra depth. Go for more of a sheer layer on your top-half with Charlotte underneath. Though the lace detailing won’t be completely visible, Charlotte will add enough excitement to your outfit to move it from basic to extraordinary, with that little taste of something extra to enhance your weekend wear.

  Dress It Up

Friday night and you’re ready to meet up with your friends at one of the coolest bars in town? If that sounds like your weekend plans then you definitely need an outfit to match, and for something that is really going to suit the mood, you should tackle the trend of wearing your underwear as outerwear head on. If you are brave enough to embrace the trend, team Zelda with a pair of high waisted jeans or a high waisted skirt to really get all eyes on you. From its vintage-style neckline to its lace bust to the few added Swarovski crystals, Zelda is a great piece to turn to on your nighttime escapades.

 Going All Out

If you want something elegant and refined for your next black tie or red carpet event that is still going to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd, think about wearing some shapewear that you can show off, even if it isn’t all on display. If you choose a dress or blouse that is sheer up top, something like Penelope will add an extra talking point to your outfit without taking away from the overall garment. Covered in lace all over, Penelope can provide some much-needed texture to your outfit, but its softly rounded neckline will keep it a little more demure than some of our other, more dramatic pieces.

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