Match That Outfit: How To Wear Our Collection (Part One)

Vera Donna Couture Shapewear, shapewear, couture

If you have stuck to your one style of shapewear since you started wearing the garments, then it might be time to update that part of your wardrobe with some more versatile pieces. Depending on what you’re wearing, you might change your opinion on how you want to wear your shapewear, so we’ve put together a few guides that give you some suggestions on how you should wear your custom Vera Donna garments.

First up, we thought we would address our most simplistic garments, Cherry, Elizabeth, and Audrey:

Keep It Casual

If you like to keep yourself casual and comfortable, then our Elizabeth design is perfect for you. Without any fancy embellishments or extraneous aesthetic details, this garment is ideal to wear if you don’t want to make your shapewear known. With its slinky design, Elizabeth will keep your silhouette clean and simple without the fabric of your casual t-shirts catching on anything. Its rounded neckline will look great under almost every t-shirt, too, so you don’t have to worry about anything you don’t want on show peeking out.

Dress It Up

For a night out on the town, you might be reaching for that slinky, formfitting dress you have hanging at the back of your closet, whilst simultaneously going for some shapewear that will keep anything unsightly sucked in and smoothed out. With its plunging neckline and delicate silhouette, Cherry is the best choice out of our collection. That slinky outfit you have chosen for your Friday night will remain seamless and undisturbed by Cherry’s simple and clean design, without any lace or embellishments to disrupt the flow of your garment. You can dance your night away knowing that everything is kept in place and that you are looking your best, all whilst keeping comfortable in our made-to-measure designs.

 Going All Out

Vera Donna Couture Shapewear, shapewear, couture

Vera Donna Couture Shapewear

If you have an ultra glamorous evening planned like a black tie event that is creeping up in your calendar, then you want to be reaching for something like our Audrey design. This garment has a refined, elegant Queen Anne neckline that will fit well under any classy formal dress you have picked out. With our made-to-measure approach to our designs, you will feel confident and at ease knowing that your shapewear is perfectly fitted to your body. There will be no tugging at uncomfortable straps or restricted movements with Audrey, so you can spend your glamorous evening feeling confident and comfortable.

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