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Breast Cancer

With breast cancer diagnoses climbing annually, being aware of your body’s changes could save your life.

Understanding your body’s health isn’t just about what you see when you look at yourself in the mirror, and there is a lot going on underneath the surface that you might not know about. At Vera Donna, we want all Australian women to be healthy and happy, and we want to make sure that you know the risks associated with your own body. Currently, cancer is the leading cause of death in Australia.

In 2016, it’s estimated that over 15,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and around 3,000 women will die from the disease by the time the year is out. In 2015, it was predicted that breast cancer would make up 12.4% of all cancer diagnoses in the country, and lead to 6.6% of all cancer related deaths. With similar statistics slated for 2016 diagnoses, it’s important for women to stay informed and prepared, and really learn what it means to look after your body.

Though breast cancer is most often diagnosed in women in their 60s, the disease doesn’t discriminate, and women of all ages should be aware of the signs and symptoms that can lead to the disease. One woman who knew all too well that breast cancer can strike at any age was Jane McGrath, wife of Australian cricketer Glenn McGrath, who was first diagnosed at age 31.

For Jane, who survived her initial diagnosis, her cancer came at a time in her life when she should have been focused on family and her career, not on battling a life threatening illness. But, as women all around the country know, cancer doesn’t care about where you come from or who you might leave behind, and in 2008, after being diagnosed for the second time, Jane lost her battle with cancer.

It is in unfortunate truth that the disease will affect women all around Australia, whether themselves or through the diagnosis of a friend or family member, so it is important to be aware of the changes in your own body. Over the age of 40, women in Australia can receive a free screening mammogram every two years to ensure their health. As early detection in breast cancer diagnoses is crucial for longer-term survival rates, these mammograms could save your life one day.

Otherwise, become familiar with your body. Your body is your home, and though you are no doubt fairly assured that you know your own shape and figure, take the time to really understand what you look and feel like. Conducting breast checks in the shower, in front of the mirror, and when lying down can give you a good indication of any changes in your breasts and body, and though these might just be small, cosmetic changes that have nothing to do with your physical health, it’s better to go to your doctor and receive a clean bill of health than put your life at risk.

While our product’s focus is making sure you look good and feel good about yourself on the outside, never neglect what’s going on inside your body. Staying on top of your physical health will give you the best chance at making the most out of your life, because after all, there is nothing more important than your health and happiness.


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