It’s In The Details: The Vera Donna Design Process

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When we decided to start developing shapewear, we knew that our design process was going to differ from that of the normal shapewear designer. For most shapewear designers, the intent is simple: design a garment that will squeeze and smooth out unsightly lumps and bumps, normally in either a black or beige fabric. The designs will all be sized to fit standardised sizes, and are often garments of necessity rather than desire.

At Vera Donna, we wanted to move past the unsightly, embarrassing shapewear you don’t want to show off or admit to wearing. Whilst we have kept to a traditional colour palette of nude, white, and black, that is really where the similarities to other designers end. We still wanted to make shapewear that would smooth out anything you didn’t want to be seen and give you the confidence to wear outfits you might not otherwise want to wear, but we also wanted to add a few special touches.

One of the most unappealing aspects of shapewear is how it can look when you strip off your outer layers. Plenty of women are a fan of beautiful lingerie and will wear it beneath their clothes to make them feel better about themselves, so why not combine that beauty with the added benefits of shaping technology? Our designers want to ensure that you are feeling as good about yourself as possible in what you’re wearing, right down to your undergarments, which is why we have gone ahead and added all of the little details you’ll rarely find on other shapewear, from lace to crystals, just to add a bit of sparkle and make you proud to wear a Vera Donna design.

But for us, this task wasn’t just about the aesthetics of the piece. We also wanted to make sure that the shapewear you buy from us is comfortable, so that you don’t feel restricted and awkward in what you are wearing. Using the same technology and design process as is used to manufacture compression garments for burn victims, we haven’t compensated comfort and wearability when we implemented our shaping pads. Instead, we use premium materials that feel great on your skin and complement your exact body shape using the precise measurements you provide us with.

It’s these measurements that make our design process truly different and certainly couture. Whilst other brands might try and label themselves as couture, we can firmly say that no two garments of ours are the same, simply because we make certain that our garments are measured to fit you perfectly. With Vera Donna garments, there is no standardised sizing – rather, we only produce wares that are custom made to fit your measurements, not just your general size.

It’s the combination of our ideas and our design process that truly set Vera Donna garments apart from the rest of the shapewear world. We pride ourselves on our innovation and detailed craftsmanship, so you can be guaranteed to be wearing a one-of-a-kind piece when you wear a Vera Donna design.


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