Fashion and Technology: There’s More To It Than Fabrics

Fashion & Technology [image source: Hannah Morgan]

From changing methods of manufacturing to different materials and fabrics, fashion is always evolving with the developments in technology. The theme of the 2016 Met Gala (often referred to as fashions biggest night) was a celebration of how far fashion has come with the aid of technology and how far it has yet to go. From Zac Posens luminescent dress to Calvin Kleins collection of garments made solely from recycled materials including plastic bottles, fashion’s night of night’s certainly showed some innovative developments, but you might not be aware of just how far technology has helped the developments of the garments you wear everyday. Rather than simply relying on tried and tested methods, designers like the team at Vera Donna continue to push boundaries to bring you the latest shapewear technology, leading to a better result for your body in the long run.

At Vera Donna, our focus isn’t just on making you look your best – we want to be the best in the shapewear business, and really focused on the technology behind the design as well as the look of our product. The team behind our shapewear come from a career in creating medical grade compression garments, which means that we really know how to create a garment that is going to both give you the silhouette you desire and make sure that you aren’t putting yourself at any risk. Rather than utilising the methods of most shapewear brands, which focus on thick material that is designed solely to push around your body to make you look smaller and can sometimes put you at risk of bodily harm if you wear them constantly, our garments are designed with everyday wear and use in mind. By approaching our designs with a medically sound background, you know that you aren’t putting your body at any risk by wearing Vera Donna designs day after day.

To come at shapewear from this angle, we’ve relied on decades of technological development in medical grade compression garments, but to make sure that you are also wearing something lovely and feminine, we are also constantly looking to the best new materials and fabrics on the market to give you a beautifully designed garment that you won’t find anywhere else. We are constantly looking at newly developed laces that will work with our pieces without getting damaged, playing around with materials that will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, and spending all of our time figuring out what will give you the best product when you receive your Vera Donna garment.

The creation of a premium product means that we have to be ahead of all developments in fashion and technology, so that you know you are getting the best product on the market, and so that we can be happy selling it to you. As technology continues to evolve, both in medical research and the fashion field, we want to continue honing our process, to make sure that Vera Donna designs are at the forefront of shapewear design.


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