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Vera Donna’s commitment to remaining a locally owned and run business runs deep.

Australians are a proud lot, and we love our locally owned and run business. With more and more global companies relying on cheap, exploitative labour from overseas, whether it is in the customer service or the production process, Australian consumers know that Australian made is better, and we agree with them. That’s why, at Vera Donna, we are committed to making sure that our business stays on home soil.

From the time we set out to create a brand, we knew that we wanted to make sure our production stayed local, even though our product is sold globally. With our head office and production space set in Melbourne, the team at Vera Donna is made up entirely of local workers. The creator of the brand, the designer, the people who take measurements, right down to the people who put together your custom made shapewear are all based right here in Melbourne.

The love and care that goes into the items we make from our Australian team is clear. We aren’t here to produce a standard one-size fits all garment. We are here to make sure your shapewear experience is a positive one, that you receive a final product that makes you proud to wear shapewear, and that kind of love is what our team on the ground in Australia is here to create.

Because we know that quality is important to our customers, it’s important to us, too. We like to ensure that all of the pieces we craft for you are put together with the best quality materials that we can find, and are stitched by the most talented of seamstresses. With our design process and our customisation, we want to make sure that everything we deliver to our customers is of the highest quality, and that they know the service they need is right on their doorstep.

Being Australian owned and operated is important to us, and its imperative to our business that we remain that way. The product that we provide is of the highest standard, so there’s no room for us to compromise by outsourcing overseas for anything. With Vera Donna’s business model, you can rest easy knowing that the product you are receiving is entirely locally designed, produced, and manufactured, and know that you are receiving the best product Australian hands and minds can produce.

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