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Being confident is so much more than what you see in the mirror.

There are so many things that we turn to when we’re feeling down. Sylvia Plath wrote, “There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them,” and most of us are probably already aware of the soothing benefits of a good glass of wine and some chocolate, but these are all just temporary solutions. Long-term fixes certainly are harder to find, but they are the things that will help most, particularly if you can help address the root of the problem.

One of the biggest issues women today face is the pressure from the media to conform to a certain body shape or type. Though the Hollywood standard is unachievable for the vast majority of the population (there are some things, like genetics, that no amount of kale will change), women are still bombarded with images of supermodels, actresses, and singers, all of whom have been Photoshopped to within an inch of their original selves. Somehow the modern woman is supposed to emulate these starlets and celebrities, and that sort of pressure is what leads to a lack of confidence for a lot of women.

What the media doesn’t mention is how being confident in your body isn’t about comparing yourself to others. No two bodies were meant to look exactly the same, and learning to love the skin you’re in is one of the most important parts of gaining that confidence. If you are confident and happy with how you look, the way you interact with others will change, and the way people perceive you will change.

If you have curves, then it can be hard to see yourself as beautiful when all you hear is about how beautiful skinny women are, but real confidence doesn’t come from what others are saying about you. Feeling confident in yourself is all about finding happiness from within, and letting that come out in your everyday life.

Confidence can be hard to come by, particularly when you are constantly being told by others that you don’t adhere to their idea of beauty. It’s all about listening to yourself, and ignoring others perceptions of you. What you think of yourself is far more important than what others think of you, so focus on the parts of yourself you love, whether its big or small, and let that be your foundation for your newfound injection of self-confidence. Once you start on the road to feeling good about yourself, the rest will follow.

Finding even the smallest amount of confidence within yourself is going to set you on the path to changing your life, both in and out of your reflection. If you feel happy with who you are as a person, all the perceived imperfections and flaws you noticed beforehand will begin to fade away, and you will feel far stronger in yourself as a person and as a woman. So have a bath, have a glass of wine, but don’t just leave it there. Set yourself up on the path to self-confidence and change your life from the inside out.


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