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Shapewear has largely evolved to high-waisted undershorts that suck in stomachs and try to smooth out lines, but one of the most truly classic shapewear designs is that of a slip. Recalling bygone eras, a good slip can make the wearer feel sexy, strong, and confident, but are also just an increasingly practical garment as more and more clothes seem to add sheer touches. Not everyone is comfortable and confident in showing everything off, so by adding a slip layer, you can keep yourself covered whilst still wearing the clothes that you love.

Keeping the timeless elegance of slips in mind, we sought to design a line of garments that would not only give you that sultry, vintage feel, but would also stay true to our ideals of making women feel comfortable in their own skin through our compression technology. Adapting the two ideas, we have developed a range of products that will smooth your body out, giving you the shape you desire, without compromising on the important aesthetic design of the slips themselves.

Available in black, white, and nude, the garments are perfectly suited to wear under any colour dress you choose. Each piece is custom made to the wearer, ensuring the perfect fit, meaning you can choose the length of whatever piece, from a mid-thigh to something a bit shorter and more teasing. With a range of necklines and lace embellishments, there is something to suit every style, but no matter the overall feel of the garment, our slips are guaranteed to add a touch of something new and exciting to your wardrobe.

What’s even more exciting about our line of garments is that, like our camisoles, we want to make our slips as versatile as possible. Instead of limiting the slips simply to innerwear, the lace detailing and crystal embellishments make them perfect to wear out for a night on the town or a fancy dinner. Teamed with a little blazer for some more modesty or just some fancy jewellery to accessorise, there are no limits to how you can wear the longer slips as a dress. And, if you choose to purchase a shorter slip, then there is plenty of versatility there, too. Team it with a pair of pants or a skirt for a new addition to your wardrobe, add accessories, a jacket – there’s no limit to what our slips can add to your wardrobe.

These slips are some of the most exciting garments that we have developed, combining our medical-grade compression garments with beautiful designs, to ensure your shapewear is something that you want to keep on showing off.

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