Charlotte: The Straight Talker’s Day

Vera Donna Couture Shapewear- Charlotte,

I am chic. I know exactly where I’m supposed to be, when, with whom, and what I’m going to be wearing. When I wake up in the morning, I put my feet on the floor, take a quick look at my agenda for the day, and get started on making it work. My fashion is heavily influenced by my lifestyle: clean, single color looks, that are more quality than quantity, and focused on innovative fashion.

I am Paris. I am business from the outside looking in and play from the inside looking out. My style reflects my point A to point B daily life: my clothing needs to transition from the corporate world to the art world and back to my home life without a pitstop to change from an entire outfit.

Working lunches on sun-drenched patios are my not-so-guilty pleasure. I’m a good food, tasteful music, and great conversation kind of woman. My colleagues are also my friends and my personal/professional look is a mirror of that way of living. I believe genuine interest and compassion are the keys to success, and I dress accordingly.


Charlotte’s Look

Vera Donna Couture Shapewear- Charlotte,

Vera Donna Couture Shapewear- Charlotte

Charlotte Shapewear comes in black, white, and nude and, as such, can be worn with virtually any outfit. The Queen Anne neckline is a perfect blend of professional and personal, with a devil-may-care touch in a full lace bodice. I’m just as comfortable showing off this shapewear while slipping out of an outfit as I am wearing it under a form-fitting corporate look.


And just like all of Vera Donna’s styles, Charlotte Shapewear is crafted in Australia to be worn all day long: through rain, sleet, snow, and hail. With flexible, breathable material that is tailored to mold, not break the bodies we live in, Charlotte Shapewear is the ultimate luxury item.


And I wouldn’t leave home without it.


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