Cherry: The Game Changer’s Day

Cherry: The Game Changer’s Day

I try to give myself time in the morning to choose the outfit that sets the tone for the day. My dramatic looks have to be able to adapt to the activity of the minute, but should never compromise my bold, fashionista sentiments. My style is as unique as my body, and I need shapewear that can accommodate that, so I wear Vera Donna.

I need to be focused on work. Who has time for shapewear that isn’t doing it’s job? Not I. I can present in front of a group of colleagues confident in my research and development without worrying about a crinkle in my top or machine-made undergarments wearing out in the middle of an important point.

I proudly wear tops and dresses that will highlight my figure; slinky evening wear and close-fitting daywear is where I’m most at home. Whether I’m pencil skirts and peplum tops for pitching a new idea at work or bodycon maxi dresses for rooftop drinks with friends, my shapewear has me feeling my best.

That’s why I wear Vera Donna.


Cherry’s Look

As with all of Vera Donna’s couture shapewear, Cherry Shapewear is custom-made in Australia and is tailored specifically for your figure. There’s no such thing as a “body type.” Your body doesn’t fit into a category with anyone else’s.

Our Cherry look has a gorgeous plunging neckline that allows you to wear bold looks, while feeling secure. Cherry is outfitted with control panels in the front and back of the torso, just like our Audrey Shapewear, so even the sleekest of outfits can be worn with flawless confidence.

Cherry comes in our lightweight material that breathes in the heat and holds in a little warmth in chillier weather. This shapewear style is available in black, white, and nude, to work with any of your wardrobe pieces. And because it’s Vera Donna, you can customise your couture look with add-ons like crystals and bows. Your Cherry Shapewear can’t be replicated.

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